You’re God All By Yourself.

The heavens declare the glory of God.

I Thank You and Praise You for your grace, mercy and love upon me.

In the name of Jesus;
I Yeild and Cast forth lightnings over;

Every Veil of Darkness,




Failure and Shame,

over Every Member of My Household and Myself.

We are Planted in the house of the Lord.

We will flourish like a palm tree.

We will flourish in the courts of God Almighty.

Premature Death is nullified in
the blood of Jesus Christ that speaks life.

You are a covenant keeping God.

Jesus has sealed with His blood
and protects Every Member of My Household and Myself,

from all Errors,



and Activities of Darkness.

No evil shall befall Us,

nor any plague or calamity come near our tents, in the name of Jesus.

We are the Redeemed of the Lord.

I call upon the Lord, who is worthy to be praised.

God Almighty; My Steadfast Love and My Fortress.
Redeem Every Member of My Household and Myself,

from the pestilence and arrows
of the wicked that operates at every seconds, minutes, hour, day and night.

You’re our High Tower and You’re our Deliverer.

You are my God Who has Empowered me to subdue in every angle.

You are My Shield, in You I trust and take Refuge.

I pray thee my God and my Father.

Redeem Every Member of My Household and Myself,
From Traps of Shame,



Evil Plots

and Slanders of the wicked that flies by day and night.

In You we have Steadfast Victory and Authority because You are Our Intercessor.

BLESSED BE the Lord,

my Rock and my keen

and firm Strength, Who teaches my hands to war and my fingers to fight.

I pray thee O Lord,

Preserve and Defend Every Member of My Household and Myself from any form of harassment,




and intimidations,
From our places of work,





and all public places.

The Lord is the strength of his people;

He is Our Saving Refuge.

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord


Scripture references:
Psalm 19:1, Psalms 145:18,
Psalm 144:1-2
Psalms 91:5 -10, 2 Samuel 22:4,
Psalms 144:7, Psalm 28:8.

By: Rene Ge

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