Great is the Lord,
and greatly to be praised.

Lord your greatness is unsearchable,

You deserve all praise and adoration.

Spirit of the living God.
I Pray Thee,

Empower me to grow

and live in the Fruits of Your Spirit.

I pray Lord,

Let Your Spirit of Patience

help me to be tolerant

and adaptable

in My Home,

My Family

and Everywhere I find Myself.

I Pray Thee,

Let Your Spirit of Joy,

Fill me Continuely,

Stay Rooted

and Strengthened

in the Joy of the Lord.

Restore to me the joy

of Your Salvation

and grant me

a willing spirit to sustain me.

The Lord is the Refuge

and Stronghold of my life.

I rest in the Love,

Peace and Power

of the Most High God.

I Pray Thee,

Let Your Spirit of Love,

help me to love the Lord My God,

My Home

and My Neighbour

as Christ requires of me.

Let Your Spirit of Peace,

bring Peace

and Wholeness

into My Spirit,

My soul

and My Body.

Create in me a pure heart,

O God, and renew

a steadfast spirit within me.

It is God Who confirms

and makes us steadfast

and establishes us

in joint fellowship with Christ.

I Pray Lord,

Let Your Spirit of Kindness

guide me to be Useful

and Serviceable on all sides,

even when it’s difficult.

I Pray Thee,

Let Your Spirit of Faithfulness;

Endeavour My Spirit,

My Soul

and My Body

to be Firm and Steadfast,

Solely on the Promises of God.

For All of God’s Promises

are YES in him.

The Lord is my light

and my salvation.

I reign and walk in Authority

through Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.

I Pray Lord,

Let Your Spirit of Self-Control,

Overshadow and Restrain

My Ego and Selfish Desires.

I Pray Thee,

Let Your Spirit of Gentleness and Humility

takeover My behaviour

and bring the good in Me

to the glory of God,

My Home,

My Family

and My Community.

I Thank you Father,

Lord of heaven and earth.

For Bearing my sins

and giving me the gifts

of Your Spirit and Eternal Life.

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


Scripture References:

Psalms 27:1,

2 Corinthians 1:20,

Galatians 5:22-23,

Psalm 51:10,

Psalm 51:12.

By: Rene Ge

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