I WILL bless the Lord at all times;

His praise shall continually be in my mouth.

My Father and My God,

In the Name of Jesus Christ I Pray;

When it seems,
Travails are Unending darkness and gloom.

When the sun and the moon are darkened

and the stars withdraw their shining,

From Any member of My Household,

My Inhabitants, and Myself.

I Pray Thee Lord,

Go before Us by Day in a Pillar of Cloud

to lead Us along the way

And by Night in a Pillar of Fire to give Us Light,

that We might travel by day and by night.

I Pray Lord,

My God and My Father.

Lead Us not into Temptation,

but Deliver Us from the evil one.

When the Enemy Comes to Any member

of My Household,

My Inhabitants,

and Myself;
to Kill,



and Rule Over Our Heritage.

In The Name of Jesus Christ,

I Pray, My God.

Secure and Shelter,

the Foundations

and Successes

Of Our Heritage,

Our Businesses,

Our Finances,

Our Jobs,

Our Livestocks,

Our Inhabitants

and Our Habitations.

I Pray,
O God arise,

And let Our enemies be scattered.

In the Name of Jesus We Cling.

Let No Rods and Arrows

of Suicidal Thoughts,





and Spirits of Depression,

rise against any member of my Household and Myself

I Pray Thee,

Let Your Face Shine on Us,

for Your mercy’s sake

and in Your loving-kindness.

Let Us Flourish like a Palm Tree

and Let Us Flourish in Your Courts.

I Thank You O God, My Father.

For Your Vows are Upon me.

Through Jesus Christ, My Lord.


Scripture references:

Joel 2:2,

Exodus 13:21,

Psalms 34:1,

Matthew 6:13,

Psalm 68:1,

Psalm 92:12-13,

Psalms 56:12.

By: Rene Ge

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