I Praise You,

My Most High God.

From the rising of the sun

To the going down of the same,

The Lord’s Name shall be Praised.

I Thank You Lord, My God.

You Direct My Household and Myself

Steps by Your Word,

And No iniquity has Dominion Over Us.

I Thank You Lord, My God.

You have redeemed

My Household And Myself,

From the Curse of the Law,

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

The Lord has Redeemed Us from Destruction.

The Lord has Overwhelmed

Our Spirits,


and Bodies,

with; Peace,



and Righteousness.

O Lord, In Your favour,

I Pray.

Direct and Establish

the Steps of My Household,

My Inhabitants,

and Myself,

From the Deepest Caves

to the Highest Hills.

My Merciful God,

I Pray,

Let our FEET


and SLIP

Into the Deep

and Low Valleys,

and upon the Dark

and Twilit Mountains.

You are Our Shield

and Defender.

I Pray Thee Lord,

Help Us not to run

to lesser gods,

that Steals,


And Kills Our Salvation.

But Lead Us into

Your Path of Righteousness.

The Path that brings


and Honor

to Your Name.

My gracious God,

I Pray.

Guide My Household

And Myself

to Your Word,

that gives Us Refuge,


and Light.

Your word is a lamp

to guide Us,

And a Light

for Our Path.

I Pray Thee,

In Your Faithfulness

and Righteousness,

Be Our Light,

Lest Our Light turns

into Thick Darkness

and into

the Shadow of death.

In Our Weakness,

Walk and Work

beside Us

and Make Us Strong.

Give Us the Strength

to Exchange Hatred for Love.

In the Name ofJesus Christ

I Thank You, My God.

You Anoint

My Household

and Myself,

Heads with oil;

Our Cups run over.

Your Goodness

and Mercy

Follow Us

on All Sides.

In the Name ofJesus Christ

Our Rescuer,

We Resist

Fear and Doubt.

We Can Do All Things

Through Christ

Who Strengthens Us.

We Testify that

We are Children of God.

We are heirs of God

and fellow heirs with Christ.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Scripture references:

Psalm 113:3

Psalm 119:133

Psalms 37:23

Psalms 119:105

Psalm 23:5,6

Philippians 4:13

Romans 8:16,17.

By: Rene Ge

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