El HaGadol

Thou O Lord!

Knitted Me Together

In My Mother’s Womb.

You Know How

I Was Sculpted.

You Know Exactly

How I Was Made,

Bit By Bit.

From Nothing Into Something.

I Love You Lord.

My King Of Glory.

You Are Breathtaking.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Shepherd.

You Guide Me

In The Paths Of Uprightness

And Right Standing,

Bringing Honor To Your Name.

I Love You Lord.

My All-powerful,


And All-knowing Father.

In Whose Hand

Is The Soul Of Every Living Thing,

And The Breath

Of All Mankind.

Your Works Are Miraculous

And Amazing.

I Praise You Because

I Am Fearfully

And Wonderfully Made.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Creator

And Sovereignty.

You Watched Me Grow

From Conception To Birth.

I Love You Lord.

You Lead Me To The Springs

Of Waters Of Life.

You Refreshes And Restores,

My Spirit,

My Soul

And My Body.

Thou O Lord!

Possesses My Reins.

All The Stages Of My Life

Are Spread Out Before You.

I Love You Lord.

You Shield Me

And Renews My Strength.

I Rest In Fields

Of Green Pastures.

Thou O Lord!

Formed My Inward Parts.

You Know Every Bone

In My Body.

You Know Me

Inside And Out.

I Love You,

My Most High God.

My Body,

My Soul

And My Spirit

Is Marvelously Made.

Through Jesus Christ

My Lord And Savior.


Scripture references:

Psalms 139:13.14.

Job 12:10

Psalms 23:1.2.3.

By: Rene Ge

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