El HaGadol.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Peace.

Your Peace; Is Deeper Than All Knowledge.

You Tranquil The State Of My Soul.

You Fill Me With All Joy

And Peace.

I Love You. My Lord

And My Protector.

Your Peace; Garrison And Mount Guard

Over My Heart And My Mind.

You Are My Hope, And My Future,

Filled With Glory.

Thou O Lord!

Makes Me Live In Safety.

I Rest In Your Peace.

You Are My Steps

And My Order.

I Abound And Overflow With Hope.

I Love You Lord; My Strength.

You Are My Fortress

And My Deliverer.

Thou O Lord!

Is The Peace Of My Steps.

I Go Out In Joy

And I’m Led Forth In Peace.

Your Understanding Is Unsearchable.

I Love You Lord,

My Companion

And My Compassion.

Your Unfailing Love For Me

Will Never Be Shaken.

Nor Your Covenant Of Peace Be Removed.

I Trust In You.

I Love You Lord.

My Everlasting God.

The Creator Of The Ends Of The Earth.

You Do Not Faint

Or Grow Weary.

In The Abundance Of Your Loving Kindness.

Your Peace Secure My Welfare

And Wholeness.

Through Christ Presence In Me.

The Hope Of Glory.


Scripture references:

Romans 15:13,

Psalms 18:2,

Isaiah 55:12,

Isaiah 54:10.

Psalms 5:7,

Philippians 4:6,

Philippians 4:7,

Jeremiah 29:11,

Isaiah 40:28.

By: Rene Ge

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