El HaGadol.
Thou O Lord!
Is My Healer.
You Bring Health And True Healing Outside, And Inside;
My Soul,
My Spirit
And My Body.
When Depression Drained My Mental
And Emotional Strength.
You Renew,
The Strength Of My Mind.
I Love You Lord.
When I Am Completely Exhausted.
You Send Forth Your Command
And Rescue Me.
You’re The Centre Of Joy;
Flowing Through My Soul,
As Good Medicine.
Thou O Lord!
Redeem My Life From Howling
In The Storms; Of Defeat,
And Frustration.
You Are The Rock Of My Mind
And My Heart.
I Find Strength
And Soothness
In Your Word.
I Love You LORD,
My God Of Faithfulness.
My Mind And My Body
Worn Out.
You Heal And Mend Me,
In Full Measure.
Thou O Lord!
Is My Goodness
And Refreshment Cave.
Through Your Goodness
And Loving-kindness.
I Called To You In My Weakness.
You Strengthen
And Empowered Me.
I Called To You
In My Misery.
You Bind Up My Wounds.
Curing My Pains
And Sorrows.
I Love You My Lord,
God Almighty.
My Eternal Heritage.
I Cried To You
In My Brokeness.
My Bones Shake With Terror.
My Spirit Crashed
And Dried Up My Bones.
You Healed
And Scrubbed Me
With Peace.
Within My Spirit,
My Soul
And My Body.
Thou O Lord!
Crown Me With Love And Compassion.
When I Cannot Stoop; Anxiety,
And Sorrow In My Heart.
You Refreshes My Soul
In Your Quietness.
I Love You Lord.
My King Of Glory.
You Continuely Bring Healings
And Health To; My Mind,
My Body,
My Soul,
And My Spirit.
Through Christ Presence In Me.
The Hope Of Glory.
Scripture references:
Psalms 107:19
Psalms 107:20
Proverbs 17:22
Psalms 107: 21
Psalms 6:2
Matt. 11:29
Psalms 73:26
Psalms 30:2
Psalms 147:3.

By: Rene Ge

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