El HaGadol!

Thou O Lord!

Is My Light.

Ever Shining On My Way.

I Fear No Evil.

I Am Concealed

In The Covert Of Your Tabernacle.

I Love You,

My Lord And Glorious King.

You Place Me Out Of Reach,

On A High Rock.

I Am Self-Sufficient In You.

You Are My Anchor.

You Are My Glory.

Thou O Lord!

Keeps Your Candle,

Shining Above My Head.

You Are A Fortress,

Protecting My Life.

I Keep My Firm Grip On Life,

Guiltless And Fearless.

You Are My Ever Present Hope.

I Love You. My Lord

And God Almighty.

My Life Is Bathed

In Your Light.

You Bless Me With Kindness

And Honor.

Thou O Lord!

Infuse Inner Strength Into Me.

You Are My Power.

I Have The Strength To Face

All Conditions.

Your Light Orders And Guide

My Life.

Thou O Lord!

Lights Up My Darkness.

You Are My Salvation.

Your Word Is A Light For My Feet.

By Your Light,

I Walk Safely Through Darkness.

You Are My Refuge

And Stronghold Of My Life.

I Love You. My Lord

And God Almighty.

The Light Of Your Favor,

Shines Upon My Path.

I Succeed In All I Do.

For I Have Set My Heart

On You.

Thou O Lord!

Lights My Lamp.

You Disperse My Life’s

Darkest Hours

Like The Dawn.

I Love You. My Lord

And God Almighty.

You Do Not Keep Back

Any Good Thing From Me.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Sun And Shield.

My Life Is Brighter

Than, The Sunshine At Noon.

I Love You Lord.

You bestow Grace

And Heavenly Bliss

Upon Me.

Through Christ Presence In Me.

The Hope Of Glory.


Scripture references:

Psalms 119:105

Psalms 27:1

Psalms 27:5

Job 29:3

Job 22:28

Psalm 18:28

Philippians 4:13

Job 11:17

Psalms 84:11.

By: Rene Ge.

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