“El Roi!

I Thank You; My God, For Seeing Me.

Praise The Lord!

O My Soul,

And Forget Not All His Benefits.

I Lie Down With No Fear Of Danger.

I Do Not Fear,

The Ruin Of The Wicked.

I Rest Under The Shade

Of God Most High.

Thou O Lord!

Protects And Preserves, My All.

I Am Not Dismayed, By Nets,

Spread Across My Path.

Your Presence Encapsulates Me.

I Love You, My God!

In You, I Trust.

You Are My Sustainer.

You Restore The Spirit Of Peace,

Into My Home, and Myself.

I Declare!

Total Liberation, Over My Spirit,

My Soul,

And My Body.

My Body Glows With Health.

My Bones Vibrate With Life.

I Feel Completely Secure.

Be Exalted, O God, Above The Heavens!

You Are A Shelter

Right By My Sides

You Increase My Power, When I Faint.

I Declare!

Your Glory Shines, All Around

My Household

And Myself.

My Heart Is Filled With Joy.

Thou O Lord!

Renew My Strength, When I Am Weary.

My Heart Is Steadfast In You.

I Thank You, My God And My Father.

You Do Not Slumber Or Sleep.

You Watch Over Me, Wherever I Go.

I Do Not Stumble, Into Pits,

Dug My Way.

I Love You, My Lord.

You Are My Keeper.

You Stand Besides Me, As My Protective Shade.

Through Christ Presence In Me.

The Hope Of Glory. Amen”.

Scripture references:

Genesis 16:13

Genesis 28:15

Psalms 16:8

Psalms 57:6

Psalms 16:9

Isaiah 40:29

Psalm 121:3

Psalm 121:5.

By: Rene Ge

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