Let’s Pray!

“El Roi!

I Thank You, My God, For Seeing Me.

Your Grace Awakens Joy Into My Loins.

This Joy Is Like An Oil,

Running Through My Inner Being.

I Thank You, My Lord, God Almighty.

When My Heart Melts Away,

Within Me.

You Are The Firm Strength Of My Heart.

Your Power Is Perfected

In My Weaknesses.

I Love You Lord.

You Bring Forth, Good Virtue

Into My Home, and Myself.

You Are My Portion Forever.

Your Faithful Love Is Priceless.

Thou O Lord!

Is My, Day By Day, Defense.

When All My Bones Are Sore,

And Out Of Place.

You Fortify Me With Health And Longevity.

I Enjoy Abundance,

Of Your Peace.

How Excellent Is Your Loving Kindness.

You Projects Your Peace,

Over My Grief.

You Are The Lifter Of My Head.

I Love You, My Lord.

You Are Awesome In Glorious Deeds.

Your Love Is The Foundation, Of My Life.

Thou O Lord!

Retains And Upholds Me,

When My Strength Is Gone,

Like Water Poured Out,

Onto The Ground.

You Are My Restoration.

I Love You, My Lord.

You Encircle Me

With Your Spirit Of Power,


And Sound Mind.

I Thank You, My God, And My Father.

You Replaced My Ashes

With Beauty.

You Are My Glory.

You Are My Honour.

Through Christ Presence In Me.

The Hope Of Glory.


Scripture references:

Genesis 16:13,

Psalm 73:26,

Job 30:16,

Psalms 36:7,

Psalms 22:14,

Nehemiah 8:10,

Isaiah 61:3.

By: Rene Ge

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