Worthy are you, our Lord and God.

My tongue, My heart and Everything
Glorious Within Me,

Sings Praise and Thanks To You Forever.

Christ Jesus is My Intercessor and My Anchor.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I Pray.

When Desolation,



and Weaknesses,

Overwhelmes into My Household and Myself.

Lord, Fire Up Your Strength and Your Power

to be Effective,


and Complete

in Our Weakness.

Because You gives Power

to the Faint and Weary.

Restore Our Health

and Let Us Enjoy Good Health.

Heal Our Wounds

and Let it be Well with Our Souls.

O Lord,

God of Redemption,


and Faithfulness.

Into Your hands;
I commit My Spirit,

My Soul,

My Body

and Every Member of My Household.

I Pray Thee Lord,

Fill Me

and My Household

with Your Peace

Perfect Peace,

as We Trust

and Rest in You

and In the Secret Place

of Your Presence.

I Thank You Lord my God,

With Your Age-Enduring

Love and Kindness.

Let Your Covenant of Peace,


and Compassion

not Depart from Us.

The Lord Who is the Glory

and Lifter of Our Heads.

I Pray Thee Lord,

Lift My Household

and Myself Out of Shame,



and Obscurity.

To a Place of Honour and Dignity.

Because You are Our God,

You are Our Confident

We Rely in You.

Hide Us from the Plots of men.

Keep Us Secretly

in Your Pavilion from the Strife of Tongues.

Draw Us Out of the Nets

and Traps Secretly Laid for Us.

For You are Our Strength

and Stronghold.

O Lord My God,

I trust in Your Mercy

and My heart Rejoice in You.

I Pray Thee,

Shake Out Every Arrows of Prayerlessness,


and Bitterness

from Me and My Household.

Holy Spirit,

Always Fan To Flame Our Spirit.

Anoint Us with the Holy Spirit and with Power.

I Pray Lord,

Make Us Ruthless

and Courageous in Your Word.

Let Us Exercise Foresight

and Be on the Watch

to look after one another,

to see that no one falls back from

and fails to secure God’s grace.

I Will Give Thanks to You Forever, O Lord my God.

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


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By: Rene Ge



I WILL praise You, O Lord, with my whole heart;

I will show recount and tell aloud

all Your marvelous works and wonderful deeds!

Spirit of the living God,

I Pray Thee;

Baptize me with the Holy Spirit and with Fire

to Survive against the devices of the enemy.

I Pray Thee Lord,

When the Enemy trespasses to strip of My armour

and take over My Household and Treasures.

Let Your Sword of Vengance

Defend Every Member of My Household,

Myself and My Treasures.

For You Lord, are always Our shield from danger;

You shield Us from all sides.

You give Us Victory

and Restores Our Courage.

I Thank you God my Father,

For You Withhold Nothing good from Me and My Household

because We are Your Redeemed and Righteousness.

When My Household and Myself are Crushed with Fears,



and Worries.

God’s glorified strength fully Equips

and Deliver Us from the Wiles of the devil.

Because, The LORD is Our Rock,

Our Fortress,

Our High Tower

and Our deliverer, in whom We Trust.

I Thank You Lord,

For Your Assurance that; You go ahead of Us,




and Preparing our Steps

for Victory and a glorious end.

When We Walk Pass Through the Fire,

the Waters and the Rivers,

God is with Us.

Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ,

the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort.

When We go Through a Period of Confusion,





and Frustrations.

God is With Us.

His lovingkindness is everlasting.

God is The I AM;

who Comforts Us in all Our troubles,

so that We can Comfort those in any trouble

with the Comfort We Ourselves receive from God.

When We’re Overcoming Illnesses,


Mending of Broken Hearts,

or Mourning the losses of Our loved ones.

God Is With Us.

When We Walk Through the Deep Valley of the Shadow of Death;

God’s Rod and Staff Comfort Us.

He restoreth Our Souls

And He leads Us in the Paths of righteousness for His Name’s sake.

I Thank You Lord God Almighty

because You have dealt bountifully with My Household and Myself.

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.


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By: Rene Ge