I Will Confess and Praise You,

For You are Fearful and Wonderful,

And for the Awful Wonder of My Birth!

Wonderful are Your Works,

And that My Inner Self knows right well.

I Thank You My God,

My Father

And My Supplier.

Who Supplies Seed to the Sower

And Bread for Food.

I Pray Thee,

Supply My Household and Myself,

Abundance of Seeds for Sowing,

And Increase the Fruits of Our Righteousness.

I Pray O Lord,

Bless Our Labour

And Let Us Eat the Goodness

Of the Labour of Our Hands.

I Pray Thee,

Enriched Us in Every Way

So that We can be Generous

On Every Occasion.

Guide Us Under Your Steps

And Protection.

Spirit of the Living God,

I Pray

Empower My Household and Myself

Not to Worry

About that which is

Out of Our Control,

But Help Us to fully

Submit to God.

I Pray Thee,

Help My Household and Myself

To Remember Our Value

And Our Worth in God Almighty.

Teach Us to Do

The Will of the Father,

Let Your good Spirit

Lead Us with Uprightness.

Spirit of the Living God,

I Pray

Help Us to Keep Our Eyes Fixed,

On the Provisions of God Almighty,

Who Feeds the Birds of the Air;

They do not Plant Seeds,

Nor Gather a Harvest

And Put it in Barns;

yet Our Father in heaven

Takes Care of them.

I Pray,

My God and My Father.

Help Us to Follow Your Commands,

Your Wishes

And Your Divine Will,

So that We May Prosper

In All that We Do.

Open the Floodgates of Heaven

Over My Household and Myself.

Pour Out Blessings

For Us Without Measure.

Spirit of the Living God,

I Pray.

Help My Household and Myself,

To be Conformed

To the Word

And Will of God.


Whoever Despises the Word

And Counsel of God

brings Destruction upon himself,

but he who

Reverently Fears

And Respects

the Commandments of God

is Rewarded.

The Lord has done great things for us!

We are glad!

Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. Amen!”

Scripture references:

2 Corinthians 9:10, 11

Job 22:21, 

Psalms 143:10,

Matthew 6:26, 

Malachi 3:10, 

Proverbs 13:13,

Psalms 126:3.

By: Rene Ge



You are my God,

And I will praise You.

The LORD is my Strength and my Song,

And He has become my Salvation.

I Pray,

Lord God Almighty.

Bless My Household and Myself

With Your Showers of Blessings

Whenever We need it.

In Your mercy and Loving-kindness,

Cut off Our enemies

And destroy all those

Who afflict Our Inner Selves,

For We are Your servants.

I Pray,

My God and My Father.

Turn Every Curse sent to

My Household and Myself

into Blessings.

You are Our God,

Who Blesses Those

Who Bless Us,

and Curses,

Whoever Curses Us.

Deliver Us, O Lord,

From Our enemies;

We flee to hide in You.

Christ in Us is the Hope of Glory.

I Pray,

Lord God Almighty,

When the Enemy Pursues

To Overtake,

Divide and Spoil,

My Household and Myself.

Save Our lives,

O Lord,

For Your Name’s Sake.

I Pray Thee,

When the Enemy Draws Sword

To Destroy My Household and Myself.

Bring Our Lives

Out of Trouble

And Free Us from Distress.

In Your Righteousness.

I Pray Thee,

In the Greatness of Your Majesty,

Overthrow those Rising against

My Household and Myself.

Send Forth Your Fury

To Consume them like Stubble.

In Your Hand is the Life

Of Every Living Thing

And the Breath of All Mankind.

Your Faithful Love Endures Forever.

Spirit of the Living God,

I Pray.

Lead My Household and Myself

With your Wisdom,


Love and Kindness.

Help Us to Build Our House

With Righteousness

And Enlarge Our Home

with Honesty.

I Pray Thee,

O Lord My God.

Lead My Household and Myself,

In Your Merciful Love.


Who is like You,

Among the gods,

Majestic in Holiness,

Awesome in Splendor

And Working Wonders.

My God and My Father,

I Pray,

Grant My Household and Myself,


and Heart of Mercy,

To be Generous to the Poor,


Generous Hands

Are Blessed Hands.

I Pray Thee,

Help Us Not to use

Our Neighbour’s Services

Without Paying Their Wages.


Better is a little with Righteousness

Than Great Income with Injustice.

I Thank You Lord,

that: Through wisdom,

We Build Our House

And by Understanding

it is Established.

Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.


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By: Rene Ge



I will rejoice in You

And be in high spirits.

I will sing praise to Your name,

O Most High!

I Thank You,

For your Grace,

Your Mercy,

Your Love

And Your Peace

Upon My Household and Myself.

In the name of Jesus, I Pray.

May Our Spirits,

Our Souls

and Our Bodies

be kept Blameless

at the Coming of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

I Pray, Lord God Almighty,

Let Your Presence

Leads My Household

and Myself

and Give Us Rest.

For You’re a God

of Order

and of Peace.

I Pray Thee,

My God of Peace and Joy.

Sanctify My Household

and Myself,

Through and Through.

Let The Peace of Christ

Rule in Our Hearts

And Comfort Us

Over the Pressures

and Anxiety of Life.

I Pray Thee, My God.

May We go Out in Joy

and Be Led Forth in Peace.

Let Your Peace

be Projected

Over Our Worries,

Our Fears,

Our Hurts

and Our Challenges.

I Thank Thee,

My God of Compassion

and Covenant Keeping.

Your Peace,

which Surpasses

all Understanding,

Overshadows My Household

and Myself.

I Thank Thee,

God My Father.

Your Unfailing Love for Us

will Never be Shaken

Nor Your Covenant of Peace

be Removed from Us.

I Thank Thee, My God.

Your Power

and Your Glory

are Perfected

in Our Weaknesses.

You guard Our hearts

and Our minds in Christ Jesus.

I Thank Thee,

God My Redeemer and Eternity.

Christ has Redeemed

and Reconciled

My Household

and Myself,

to the Kingdom of God.

You Showed Us

the Path of Life,

Where Your Joy is Complete.

I Thank Thee,

Your Grace Fills

My Household

And Myself

with, Refreshing Love,



and Strength.

I Thank Thee, My God.

When We lie down,

We fall asleep in peace;

because You alone,

O Lord,

keep Us perfectly safe.

Through Jesus Christ,

our Lord.


Scripture references:

Psalms 9:2

1 Thessalonians 5:23

1 Corinthians 14:33

Isaiah 55:12

Isaiah 54:10

Colossians 3:15

Psalms 16:11

Psalms 4:8.

By Rene Ge



I Praise You,

My Most High God.

From the rising of the sun

To the going down of the same,

The Lord’s Name shall be Praised.

I Thank You Lord, My God.

You Direct My Household and Myself

Steps by Your Word,

And No iniquity has Dominion Over Us.

I Thank You Lord, My God.

You have redeemed

My Household And Myself,

From the Curse of the Law,

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord.

The Lord has Redeemed Us from Destruction.

The Lord has Overwhelmed

Our Spirits,


and Bodies,

with; Peace,



and Righteousness.

O Lord, In Your favour,

I Pray.

Direct and Establish

the Steps of My Household,

My Inhabitants,

and Myself,

From the Deepest Caves

to the Highest Hills.

My Merciful God,

I Pray,

Let our FEET


and SLIP

Into the Deep

and Low Valleys,

and upon the Dark

and Twilit Mountains.

You are Our Shield

and Defender.

I Pray Thee Lord,

Help Us not to run

to lesser gods,

that Steals,


And Kills Our Salvation.

But Lead Us into

Your Path of Righteousness.

The Path that brings


and Honor

to Your Name.

My gracious God,

I Pray.

Guide My Household

And Myself

to Your Word,

that gives Us Refuge,


and Light.

Your word is a lamp

to guide Us,

And a Light

for Our Path.

I Pray Thee,

In Your Faithfulness

and Righteousness,

Be Our Light,

Lest Our Light turns

into Thick Darkness

and into

the Shadow of death.

In Our Weakness,

Walk and Work

beside Us

and Make Us Strong.

Give Us the Strength

to Exchange Hatred for Love.

In the Name ofJesus Christ

I Thank You, My God.

You Anoint

My Household

and Myself,

Heads with oil;

Our Cups run over.

Your Goodness

and Mercy

Follow Us

on All Sides.

In the Name ofJesus Christ

Our Rescuer,

We Resist

Fear and Doubt.

We Can Do All Things

Through Christ

Who Strengthens Us.

We Testify that

We are Children of God.

We are heirs of God

and fellow heirs with Christ.

Through Jesus Christ, our Lord.


Scripture references:

Psalm 113:3

Psalm 119:133

Psalms 37:23

Psalms 119:105

Psalm 23:5,6

Philippians 4:13

Romans 8:16,17.

By: Rene Ge



I Praise You MY God and My Creator.

I will Continuely PRAISE

and HONOR the Name of God.

In the name of Jesus, I Pray,

Let there be Fortification and Rest

in  My Household,

My Inhabitants,

and Myself.

I Pray Thee,

Guide Us in the way We should go

and Protect Us,

From any Weapon that is Formed against Us.

I Pray Lord,

Don’t Let My Household,

My Inhabitants,

and Myself,

Scatter and Smash Against One Another.

Redeem Us from Destructions,


and Deceits of the devil.

In the name of Jesus, I Pray,

Disengage every demonic Restrictions,



and Strongholds

Over My Household,

My Inhabitants,

and Myself.

In God, We Trust

and Have Confidence.

Turn Every curse

sent on Our way into  Blessings.

I Thank You Lord My God,

Who  Reigns

and Who is Clothed in Majesty.

You have Imparted upon

My Household,

My Inhabitants,

and Myself;



and Triumph

Over Opposition.

Spirit  of the living God I Pray,

Empower My Household,

My Inhabitants,

and Myself,

to Fervently, Cleave

to the Secret Place

of the most High God.

You Are a Great God

and a Great King above all gods.

I Pray Thee,

Aid Us to Continuely,

live Our lives,

Rooted and Built up in Christ.

Restored unto Us

the Joy of Your Salvation.

Crown Us with Lovingkindness

and Tender mercies.

Spirit of the living God, I Pray.

Let My Household,

My Inhabitants,

and Myself,

Be Strengthened in the Faith,

and Overflow with Thankfulness.

I Pray Thee,

Give Us the Strength

To Exchange Hatred

for Love.

The Lord has Beautified

and Dignified Us

with Faithful Love.

In the name of Jesus,

The Lord has Satisfied

Our desires with  good things.

The Lord has been gracious

and made His face

shine upon Us.

In God will I praise his word.

In the LORD will I praise his word.

Through Jesus Christ, My Lord.


Scripture references:

Jeremiah 13:11-16,

Psalm 93:1

Psalm 103:2-5,

Isaiah 54:17,

Psalm 37:23,

Psalm 103:10,

Ephesians 6:1,

Psalms 56:11,

Colossians 2:6-7,

Psalms 56:10.

By: Rene Ge