El HaGadol

Thou O Lord!

Is my Refuge.

You are my God.

You are my Stronghold.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Fortress.

On You I Lean.

In You I Rely.

You Are My Tower Of Strength.

I Love You Lord!

My God Is God of gods.

My God Is Lord of lords.

My God Is The Great God.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Hope.

In You, I Confidently Trust.

You are my Confidence.

You Are My Supporter.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Defender.

You Are My Protector.

You Are My Place Of Safety.

I Love You Lord.

My God Is Strong in Power.

My God Is Greatly to be Feared.

Amen “

Scripture references:

Deuteronomy 10:17

Psalms 91:2.

By: Rene Ge



I Praise You Lord!

For You Are Good;

I Sing Praises To Your Name,

For You Are Gracious And lovely.

I Thank Thee, O Lord My Father.

My Household

and Myself

Hearts are Steadfast

and Trusting in You Lord.

We have No Fear of Bad News,

For We will Triumph in the End.

I Praise Thee,

My God and My Father.

My Household and Myself

do Not Fear.

For You are with Us.

I Thank Thee, O Lord.

For, We are not Dismayed.

You are Our God

And We are Your Righteousness.

I Thank Thee,

O Lord My Father;

For, The Righteous Cry Out

And You Lord Hears Us.

I Thank Thee, O Lord.

For, You Deliver Us

And Restores, All the Blessings;

the Cankerworms,



and Locusts

consumed from Us.

I Thank Thee,

O Lord my Father.

You Strengthen and Help

My Household

and Myself.

You Lord Upholds Us

with Your Righteous Right Hand.

My God and My Father,

I Thank Thee.

Surely, My Household

And Myself

will Never be Shaken.

We are Strong and Courageous.

We are not Afraid or Terrified,

For the Lord Our God goes with Us.

Our God will Never leave Us

nor Forsake Us.

I Praise Thee,

Our Hearts are Secure in You Lord.

For the Spirit God gave Us

does not make Us Timid,

but Gives Us Power,


and Self-discipline.

I Thank Thee,

O Lord My God and My Father.

You Saved My Household

and Myself,

not Because of Any Works of Righteousness

that We had Done,

but Because of

Your Own Pity and Mercy.

Through the Washing of


and Renewing

of the Holy Spirit.

I Praise Thee,

My God and My Father.

You have Given My Household

and Myself


Instead of ASHES.

You have Given Us,

the OIL of JOY

and the GARMENT of PRAISE.

Spirit of the Living God,

I Pray

Help My Household and Myself,

To Take God’s Word to Heart.

For, Poverty and Shame

come to Who Refuses

Instruction and Correction,

but Who Heeds Reproof

is Honored.

I Thank Thee, O Lord.

Your Way is a Stronghold to the Blameless,

but Destruction to Evildoers.

Through Jesus Christ, Our Lord.


Scripture references:

Psalms 135:3,

Psalm 34:17,

Joel 2:25,

Isaiah 41:10,

Deuteronomy 31:6,

Psalm 112:6,8,

2 Timothy 1:7,

Titus 3:5,

Isaiah 61:3,

Proverbs 13:18,

Proverbs 10:29.

By: Rene Ge