El HaGadol

Thou O Lord!

Is My Wisdom.

First Of All



And Courteous.

Your Wisdom Preserves Me From Blind Alleys.

You Enlighten The Eyes Of My Heart.

That I Might Grow In Your Knowledge.

I Love You Lord.

Your Wisdom Is My Boundless Strength.

Your Wisdom Preserves My life.

Thou O Lord!

Is The God Of All Glory.

Your Wisdom Festoon My Days With Beauty.

You Crown My Life With Grace.

Your Wisdom Makes My Life Glorious.

I Love You Lord.

Thou O Lord!

Fills Me With A Desire

To Seek After You More

And More.

Your Wisdom Protects My Life.

The Light Of Your Truth Floods In My Heart.

I Will Never Walk Away From Your Wisdom.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Wisdom!

Filled With Mercy,


And Good Deeds.

Your Wisdom Revives Me.

Your light Shines On My Hopes And Desires.

I Love You Lord.

Your Wisdom Interpretates To Me,

Your Ways And Your Purposes.

Thou O Lord!

Enlightens The Perception Of My Mind.

Your Wisdom Leads Me

In The Paths Of Uprightness.

I Love You Lord.

Your Wisdom Flows And Refreshes Me

As A Flowing Stream.

Your Wisdom Rests In My Heart.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Excellency Of Knowledge.

Your Wisdom Is Sweet To My Soul.

My Future Is Built On Solid Rock.

Your Wisdom Is My Defense.

My Heart Is Flooded With Your Light.

Your Wisdom Guards My Life.

Through Christ Presence In Me.

The Hope Of Glory.


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By Rene Ge



El HaGadol

Thou O Lord!

Is The Alpha And Omega.

You Are My God.

I Do Not Gaze About In Terror.

Your Righteous Right Hand,


And Uphold Me.

I Love You Lord.

Your Right Hand,

Is Glorious In Power.

You Are My Dependable God.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Security.

I Live In Confidence,

And Full Of Hope.

I Lie Down With No Fear Of Danger;

I Rest In Safety.

I Enjoy Abundance,

Of Your Peace.

I Love You Lord.

You Restore My Life,

Brimming With Blessings.

You Reveal To Me;

The Abundance Of Your Stability

And Truth.

Thou O LORD!

Is My Fierce Warrior

At My Sides.

My Oppressors Stumble

And Prevail Not.

Who Is Like You,

O Lord!

Among The gods,

Who Is Like You!

You Are My Salvation

In Times Of Trouble And Distress.

I Love You Lord.

You Are My Power.

Thou O Lord!

Is Awesome In Glorious Deeds.

You Are My Defense

Every Day By Day.

You Lead And Guide Me

With Your Power.

I Love You Lord.

Your Right Hand,

Shatters My Enemies.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Arm,

And My Strength.

You Redeem Me With Your Faithful Love.

You Protect And Preserve Me.

Praise The Lord!

O My Soul,

And Forget Not All His Benefits.

Through Christ Presence In Me.

The Hope Of Glory.


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By: Rene Ge



El HaGadol

Thou O Lord!

Encircled Me On Every Side.

You Protect Me With,

Your Reassuring Presence.

I Love You Lord.

Your Knowledge Of Me,

Is Beyond My Understanding.

You Have Searched Me Thoroughly

And Have Known Me.

You Know My Downsitting

And My Uprising.

Thou O Lord!

Increase My Greatness,

And Comfort Me On Every Side.

I Love You.

My faithfulness God.

You Revive

And Quicken My Spirit,

My Soul

And My Body.

From The Depths; Of The Bottomless Pit,

Of Calamities

And Weariness.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Restoration.

My God Of All Grace.

You Called Me To Share

In Your Eternal Glory.

In Union With Christ.

I Love You

My Indescribable God.

You Have Restore,



And Given Me

A Sure Foundation.

Thou O Lord!

Refreshes Me With

Abundant Showers Of Grace,

When My Strength Is Exhausted.

I Love You Lord.

You Scrutinize My Dry Paths,

And Saturates It

With Living Streams Of Water.

You Freely,

Waterest My Misfortunes,

And Sore Troubles

With Your Bounteous Rain

Of Mercy.

Through Christ Presence In Me.

The Hope Of Glory.


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By: Rene Ge



El HaGadol

Thou O Lord!

Knitted Me Together

In My Mother’s Womb.

You Know How

I Was Sculpted.

You Know Exactly

How I Was Made,

Bit By Bit.

From Nothing Into Something.

I Love You Lord.

My King Of Glory.

You Are Breathtaking.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Shepherd.

You Guide Me

In The Paths Of Uprightness

And Right Standing,

Bringing Honor To Your Name.

I Love You Lord.

My All-powerful,


And All-knowing Father.

In Whose Hand

Is The Soul Of Every Living Thing,

And The Breath

Of All Mankind.

Your Works Are Miraculous

And Amazing.

I Praise You Because

I Am Fearfully

And Wonderfully Made.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Creator

And Sovereignty.

You Watched Me Grow

From Conception To Birth.

I Love You Lord.

You Lead Me To The Springs

Of Waters Of Life.

You Refreshes And Restores,

My Spirit,

My Soul

And My Body.

Thou O Lord!

Possesses My Reins.

All The Stages Of My Life

Are Spread Out Before You.

I Love You Lord.

You Shield Me

And Renews My Strength.

I Rest In Fields

Of Green Pastures.

Thou O Lord!

Formed My Inward Parts.

You Know Every Bone

In My Body.

You Know Me

Inside And Out.

I Love You,

My Most High God.

My Body,

My Soul

And My Spirit

Is Marvelously Made.

Through Jesus Christ

My Lord And Savior.


Scripture references:

Psalms 139:13.14.

Job 12:10

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By: Rene Ge



El HaGadol.

Thou O Lord!

Is The Keeper Of My Vineyard.

I Am In Full Care,


I Am Not Anxious When Heat Comes.

I Love You Lord.

You Are My Infinite

Praise And Glory.

You Cuts Away Every Branch In Me,

That Does Not,

Produce Fruit.

I Love You

My Acient Of Days.

You Refines And Purifies Me,

To Produce More Richer

And Finer Fruits.

My Trust Is In You, LORD.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Restoration And My Source

Of Growth Is In You.

The Result Of Your Fruits

And Presence Within Me,

Manifests Love,






And Faithfulness.

I Love You My Sovereign God.

Thou O Lord!

Is My All-Encompassing.

I Thrill In Your Word,

Day And Night.

You Are My Place Of Sanctuary.

I Love You Lord.

My Confidence Is In You.

I Am Powered By Your Glory

And Beauty.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Fortification

And Fruitfulness.

I Flourish Like A Tree

Planted By The Rivers Of Water.

My Roots Reach Down

To The Waters.

I Love You My Lord And My Creator.

I Grow And Bear, Fresh Fruits,

Every Now And Then.

My Fruits Of Patience

And Long Suffering,

Keep Me Serene And Calm

Through Droughts.

Thou O Lord!

Is The Fountain of Living Water.

I Am Fruitful

And Full Of Branches.

My Leaves Never Fades

Nor Dry Up.

I Love You My God And My Father.

My Fruit Of Goodness

Keeps Me Blossom Without Fail.

I Am Most Blessed.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Throne Of Glory From The Beginning.

The Abundance Of Your Living Water

Flows Through My Roots,

My Cells

And My Systems.

I Love You Lord.

I Succeed In Everything I Do.

Through My Branches

Of Determination,


And Faithfulness.

Through Jesus Christ My Lord

And Savior.


Scripture references:

John 15:1, 2

Galatians 5: 22, 23

Jeremiah 17:7, 8

Psalms 1:2, 3

Daniel 11:35

Jeremiah 17:12.

By Rene Ge

Deep Intimacy with God Series 5


In your presence,

Your love overshadows

and welcome me without Judgement.

In your presence I feel love

and self-reliance

as a child cuddles in a parent arms.

God, your love is poured out

on whosoever believes in your love.

In your merciful act,

you reconciles us to yourself

through the blood of Jesus Christ.

I pour out all of myself into you,

for your love is perpetual

and open to receive me

and anyone who feels shattered,





and betrayed.

I hand over my all for you to take over.

In your presence I will Stay.”

John 3:16

For God so greatly loved

and dearly prized the world

that He [even] gave up His only begotten (unique) Son,

so that whoever believes in

(trusts in,

clings to,

relies on) Him

shall not perish (come to destruction, be lost)

but have eternal (everlasting) life.

John 3:17

For God did not send the Son into the world

in order to judge

(to reject,

to condemn,

to pass sentence on) the world,

but that the world might find salvation

and be made safe and sound through Him.

John 3:18

He who believes in Him

[who clings to,

trusts in,

relies on Him] is not judged

he who trusts in Him

never comes up for judgment;

for him there is no rejection,

no condemnation–

he incurs no damnation];

but he who does not believe

(cleave to,

rely on,

trust in Him) is judged already

[he has already been convicted

and has already received his sentence]

because he has not believed in

and trusted in the name of the only begotten Son of God.

[He is condemned for refusing

to let his trust rest in Christ’s name.]

By: Rene Ge