El HaGadol.

Thou O Lord!

Blesses And Protects Me.

You Empower Me

In Understanding

And Intelligence.

I Love You

My Lord, God Almighty.

You Watches

And Guard Me.

The Light Of Your Face

Keeps Shining On Me.

Thou O Lord!

Fills Me With

The Spirit Of God

In Wisdom And Ability.

I Thank You, My Father.

Your Smile Enlightens Me.

I Am Highly Skilled

And Resourceful.

I Love You Lord.

You Endowed Me

With Tranquillity Of Heart.

Thou O Lord!

Lifts Up Your Countenance

Upon Me.

You Keep And Takes Care Of Me.

I Love You My Lord.

From The Rising Of The Sun,

To It’s Setting,

Your Name Is To Be Praised.

I Thank You,

My Most High God.

Your Approval Rest On Me.

Thou O Lord!

Keepeth Me Through It All.

You Neither Slumber

Nor Sleep.

I Thank You Lord.

You Watches And Guard Me.

You Gift Me

With Your Favor.

I Love You Lord.

You’re Worthy

Of All The Glory.

Through Jesus Christ,

My Lord And Saviour. Amen.”

Scripture references:

Numbers 6:24,25,26.

Exodus 31:3,

Psalm 113:3,

Psalms 121:4.

By: Rene Ge



Thou O Lord!

Is My Light

And Shield.

You Covereth Me

With Your Pinions.

Under Your Wings

Is My Trust.


With All My Heart;

I Will Tell Of

Your Wonderful Deeds.

I Love You Lord, My God.

Your Faithfulness

Is My Protecting Shield.

Blessed be the Name

Of The Lord.

Under Your Wings

Is My Safety.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Strength

And My Breastplate.

Your Faithfulness

Is My Protective Wall.

I Love You Lord, My Father.

My Heart Trusts In,

Relies On,

And Confidently

Leans On You.

Thou O Lord!

Is My Salvation

And Eternity.

Praise The Lord, My Soul,

And My Inmost Being.

Under His Wings

Is My Hope.

Thou O Lord!

Overshadows Me

With Your Shoulders.

You Redeemed My Life

From Destruction.

You Are Strong In Power

And Greatly

To Be Feared.

I Love You

My God And Father.

You Beautifies,


and Crowns Me

With Loving-kindness

And Tender Mercy.

Through Jesus Christ

My Lord And Savior.


Scripture references:

Deuteronomy 10:17,

Psalms 91:4

Psalm 9:1,

Psalm 28:7,

Psalms 103:4.

By: Rene Ge